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Build Your Own X (insert technology here)

This repo is forked from awesome anistefanovic/build-your-own-x , site is created and maintained by Kalan which converted github to website, and probably will add more opinionated resource.
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Languages (click to select)


3D Renderer

Augmented Reality

BitTorrent Client

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency


Command-Line Tool



Emulator / Virtual Machine

Front-end Framework / Library



Network Stack

Neural Network

Operating System

Physics Engine

Programming Language

mal - Make a Lisp (any)

Jonesforth Assembly

Baby's First Garbage Collector C

Build Your Own Lisp: Learn C and build your own programming language in 1000 lines of code C

Writing a Simple Garbage Collector in C C

C interpreter that interprets itself. C

A C & x86 version of the "Let's Build a Compiler" by Jack Crenshaw C

A journey explaining how to build a compiler from scratch C

Writing Your Own Toy Compiler Using Flex C++

How to Create a Compiler C++

Kaleidoscope: Implementing a Language with LLVM C++

Understanding Parser Combinators F#

Demystifying compilers by writing your own Elixir

The Super Tiny Compiler Go

Lexical Scanning in Go Go

Let's Build a Compiler Haskell

Write You a Haskell Haskell

Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours Haskell

Write You A Scheme Haskell

Crafting interpreters: A handbook for making programming languages Java

Creating JVM Language Java

The Super Tiny Compiler JavaScript

The Super Tiny Interpreter JavaScript

Little Lisp interpreter JavaScript

How to implement a programming language in JavaScript JavaScript

Let’s go write a Lisp JavaScript

Writing a C Compiler OCaml

Writing a Lisp, the series OCaml

Let's Build a Compiler Pascal

A Python Interpreter Written in Python Python Make your own Lisp interpreter Python

How to Write a Lisp Interpreter in Python Python

Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter Python

Make Your Own Simple Interpreted Programming Language Python

From Source Code To Machine Code: Build Your Own Compiler From Scratch Python

Beautiful Racket: How to make your own programming languages with Racket Racket

A Compiler From Scratch Ruby

Markdown compiler from scratch in Ruby Ruby

So You Want to Build a Language VM Rust

Learning Parser Combinators With Rust Rust

Building a LISP from scratch with Swift Swift

Build your own WebAssembly Compiler TypeScript

Crafting Interpreters any

Regex Engine

Search Engine


Template Engine

Text Editor

Visual Recognition System

Voxel Engine

Web Browser

Web Server

Build Your own IoT

Build Your own Keyboard

Build Your own AI


From NAND to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer From First Principles (any)

The Same-Origin Policy Alloy

How to Write a Video Player in Less Than 1000 Lines C

Learn how to write a hash table in C C

The very basics of a terminal emulator C

Write a System Call C

Sol - An MQTT broker from scratch C

Build your own VR headset for $200 C++

How X Window Managers work and how to write one C++

Writing a Linux Debugger C++

How a 64k intro is made C++

Make your own Game Engine C++

C# Networking: Create a TCP chater server, TCP games, UDP Pong and more C#

Loading and rendering 3D skeletal animations from scratch in C# and GLSL C#

Building a spell-checker Clojure

Build A Simple Terminal Emulator In 100 Lines of Golang Go

Let's Create a Simple Load Balancer Go

Video Encoding from Scratch Go

How to Build an Android Reddit App Java

Build Your Own Module Bundler - Minipack JavaScript

Learn JavaScript Promises by Building a Promise from Scratch JavaScript

Implementing promises from scratch (TDD way) JavaScript

Implement your own — call(), apply() and bind() method in JavaScript JavaScript

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures JavaScript

Build a ride hailing app with React Native JavaScript

Build Your Own AdBlocker in (Literally) 10 Minutes JavaScript

Build Your Own Cache Kotlin

Building a CDN from Scratch to Learn about CDN Lua

Writing a Redis Protocol Parser Nim

Writing a Build system Nim

Writing a MiniTest Framework Nim

Writing a DMIDecode Parser Nim

Writing a INI Parser Nim

Writing a Link Checker Nim

Writing a URL Shortening Service Nim

Build a static site generator in 40 lines with Node.js Node.js

Building A Simple Single Sign On(SSO) Server And Solution From Scratch In Node.js. Node.js

How to create a real-world Node CLI app with Node Node.js

Build a DNS Server in Node.js Node.js

Write your own MVC from scratch in PHP PHP

Make your own blog PHP

Modern PHP Without a Framework PHP

Code a Web Search Engine in PHP PHP

Build a Deep Learning Library Python

How to Build a Kick-Ass Mobile Document Scanner in Just 5 Minutes Python

Continuous Integration System Python

Recommender Systems in Python: Beginner Tutorial Python

Write SMS-spam detector with Scikit-learn Python

A Simple Content-Based Recommendation Engine in Python Python

Stock Market Predictions with LSTM in Python Python

Build your own error-correction fountain code with Luby Transform Codes Python

Building a simple Generative Adversial Network (GAN) using Tensorflow Python

Learn ML Algorithms by coding: Decision Trees Python

JSON Decoding Algorithm Python

Build your own Git plugin with python Python

A Pedometer in the Real World Ruby

Creating a Linux Desktop application with Ruby Ruby

Building a DNS server in Rust Rust

Writing Scalable Chat Service from Scratch Rust

WebGL + Rust: Basic Water Tutorial Rust

Tiny Package Manager: Learns how npm or Yarn works TypeScript

Build Your Own LINQ Implementation C#

Build an 8-bit computer from Scratch

I wrote my module bundler JavaScript

Build TODO app by firebase (Japanese) Firebase

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